Danny Denzongpa’s Son Defends Suraj Pancholi

Suraj Pancholi has found support in his friends who vouch for him that he is not at all like he is being depicted.

Veteran actor Danny Denzongpa’s son has come out in support of his best friend since childhood,he said,” can’t remember the last when Sooraj was heard shouting at anyone.After my return from London four months ago, Sooraj told me about his girlfriend Jiah. Sooraj and I even spent our nights driving around Juhu. I met Jiah with him a few times and she appeared to be quiet, reserved and an introvert.”

Rinzing also defended Suraj on charges of hitting Jiah in a drunken fit,he said,“He is a health freak. He loves to keep people around him happy. Jiah was known to be very possessive about him. Sooraj was about to start his career and Jiah wanted him to be around her all the time. And that’s why they used to fight.I stand by him.”

Well Suraj you sure are a lucky boy, in terms of friends, as they are with you in your dire times.