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‘Deadpool 2’: Ranveer Singh and Ryan Reynolds twitter banter is hilarious

Image Source - bollywoodlife

‘Deadpool 2’ starring Ryan Reynolds, is back with some more action and a dose of comedy. Recently the Hindi version of the film’s trailer was much welcomed as it had ‘Padmaavat’ star Ranveer Singh giving a voice over for the superhero. The trailer is a hit with the masses proving that Ranveer has nailed the act well.

A couple of hours after the trailer was released, the actor was involved in a funny Twitter banter with his counterpart Deadpool star – Ryan Reynolds.

Ranveer Singh posted a tweet for Reynolds, He wrote, “Astonishing how effectively i have managed to out-crass my Canadian counterpart. Never realised how fulfilling and rewarding foul Hindi language can be.” (Also Read: WOAHH!! Listen to Deadpool in Ranveer Singh’s voice)

His Deadpool counterpart Ryan Reynolds soon responded to Ranveer’s tweet. He wrote, ”Well if i tried to curse in Hindi, pretty sure there would be an international incident.”

These two supertars truly know how to keep their fans hooked.

‘Deadpool 2’ is scheduled to hit the theatres on May 18.

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