Deepika Padukone to shave Ranveer Singh’s moustache

The trailer of Sanjay Leela Bhansali revealed the hot chemistry shared by the lead couple Deepika and Ranveer .The two alleged lovers were in their element at the launch with Deepika carrying a pistol and threatening Ranveer and Ranveer’s quip”I don’t like guns or goli; the only thing I like is tang choli.”

According To sources Ranveer Singh who has been sporting a handle bar moustache for the movie has declared that he will be shaving it off but the deed will be done by none other than Deepika herself”I took lot of effort to grow and maintain it. I would oil it every night… and now Deepika will shave it off one of these days.”

We do hope they come out in the open about their alleged relation.