Say What! Deepika Padukone wants Kartik Aaryan to shave his beard

Image Source - Instagram

Kartik Aaryan is one of the most talked-about actors in Bollywood right now. He has more than a million female fans who adore him immensely. While Kartik looks extremely charming, he is seen sporting a rugged look with an overgrown beard that is way past due for a shave. While most of his female fans are digging this look, Deepika has a different opinion.

Kartik had done a live session on his Instagram, during which he seemed to be in a dilemma about his new look. The ‘Love Aaj Kal’ actor spoke to his fans and asked them if he should stick to his bearded look or shave it off. During the live session, Kartik revealed that his mother isn’t liking his bearded look and wants him to get rid of it soon and if he does not then he won’t be getting food. In fact, his sister also handed him a trimmer during the live and emphasised that it was sent by their mother.

‘Padmaavat’ actress Deepika Padukone second Kartik’s mom’s opinion when she too left a comment on agreement to Kartik’s question of shaving off his beard.

Kartik Aaryan, Deepika Padukone
Image Source - Instagram

Well, let’s see if we get to see a clean shaved Kartik Aaryan soon.

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