Deepika slapping a molester at 14 is something every woman should learn from

Deepika Padukone is currently riding high with the success of her latest release ‘Padmaavat’. Well, after facing a lot of issues, the film has finally hit the screens and now, it is ruling at the box office. However, Deepika, who is getting praises from all the corners, had to go through a lot before the film’s released.

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There were threats to behead her and even cut her nose. However, the actress stood firm with the film and her team. Recently, while talking to India Today, Deepika revealed that her parents were not worried about her as they had confidence in the fact that she could take care of herself.

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Talking about it, the actress recollected an incident which happened when she was all of 14. As she reminisced, she revealed that she was out with her family and a man deliberately pushed her, all with vile intentions, and tried to walk away. But Deepika being herself, went after the man and slapped him. Deepika said,  “I could have ignored the incident and pretended that nothing had happened, but I turned back, caught the man by his collar and slapped him. From that day, my parents knew I could take care of myself.”

Well, Deepika’s this statement will surely motivate women to give it back to the molesters and not cow down when the time comes. Here is one brave, brave woman we need to take inspiration from. (Also Read: Deepika says that she deserves to be the highest paid actress in Bollywood)