Ekta Kapoor’s motivational talk with Google employees in USA

Ekta Kapoor, who is one of the most strong and successful women producers in the industry and has made a name for herself here, was recently invited by the Google and Facebook office.

These respectable entities extended an invite to Ekta Kapoor in order to have a motivational talk with all their employees at their headquarters in USA. Ekta has a very interesting and inspiring journey to talk about, how she started, how she grew, her vision and where she has managed to reach today.

She travelled to the USA for the same and also spoke to them about Indian cinema, working here, the challenges faced, and the advantages of working here. The response to the visit and the talk was that it was very fruitful and enriching. Ekta Kapoor too had a great time.

Spokesperson confirms and shares, “It was a proud moment for the entire Balaji team to have Ekta Kapoor invited by such innovative minds for an interactive session”.