EXCLUSIVE: Emraan Hashmi on son Ayaan’s ‘tough’ 5-year battle with cancer: I still don’t know where we got the courage

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The one thing a parent truly wishes for their child is good health. But it is heartbreaking to see one’s child suffer and being stuck in a state of helplessness. Something similar was the case of actor Emraan Hashmi as his son Ayaan Hashmi was suffering from cancer at a very young age. Ayaan fought with cancer for 5 long years but finally emerged victorious, winning the battle against cancer. In an exclusive chat with us, Emraan Hashmi opened up about the journey that he went through with his wife and of course son Ayaan. The actor said that it was a ‘tough’ 5-year battle but all they knew is that Ayaan would be okay and with hope they went on.

Emraan told Bollywood Bubble, “I dont know, Like I was talking about it to my wife the other day, I still dont know where we got the courage, when we got the courage to deal with it. But I think when you fight you dont think about it, that is what happens, you dont think about much. You are just all in and do that fight. More than us it was my son who was going through the physical pain or whatever he was for so many years. I think the ray of hope for my family was just the fact that we knew that he would be okay and it’s that energy is kind of why things fell in place.”

Emraan further said he wanted to help out the parents and others who were suffering from cancer through his book The Kiss of Life, “So that is why I thought through this book I’ll impart this and share the experience with other parents and people who are suffering from cancer. The end does not always have to be dark, there are ways of curing yourself through this, through certain lifestyle changes, healthy stuff exercise and all of that. It was a tough 5 years and also a huge learning experience. “

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