EXCLUSIVE: Ghudchadi producer Nidhi Dutta on working with Sanjay Dutt, talks about Parth Samthaan’s debut

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Ghudchadi producer Nidhi Dutta is currently busy with her movie. The makers of the Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, and Parth Samthaan movie Ghudchadi recently made an announcement about the cast. The movie Ghudchadi is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Nidhi Dutta & Binoy Gandhi. And, it is directed by Binoy Gandhi, husband of Nidhi.

We at Bollywood Bubble, recently got into an exclusive conversation with Ghudchadi producer Nidhi Dutta. She then spoke about working with her husband, Binoy, Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon. As Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 fame Parth Samthaan is all set to make his Bollywood debut with Ghudchadi, Nidhi also shared how the actor came onboard for the project.


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This will be your first time working with your husband, Binoy Gandi, after your wedding in 2021. You are producing Ghudchadi while your husband is directing it. How was the experience?

Actually, the whole decision of doing this was something that was very sudden. And also it was a no-brainer of sorts. His writer gave me a narration and the film struck a chord with me. And it gave me a feeling and flavour of the kind of cinema my mother would make. The kind of films she would make. Once we got married, once the wedding was over, we completely went into work. Honestly, it’s a blessing to work together (with Binoy Gandhi). Because, the fights are crazy, we want to kill each other some days. But the blessing is that we have so much in common. And I have lived that with my father (JP Dutta) I have lived and worked with him (JP Dutta). So, I know what it’s like to have a full family that works towards that one film to make it possible. And it’s great. Because nobody is on a different page. Everybody is on the same page. It’s a priority for everyone in the house. I’m happy to have found someone from the same industry. That comfort level that I see between him and my dad now.

Your father, filmmaker JP Dutta is a renowned director, while your husband, Binoy Gandhi is set to direct Ghudchadi. How has it been living with two visionaries?

The mindset of a filmmaker and a producer is very different. And, one thing that happened when I was working with my dad, I realized he’s not happy being a producer. He is happy being a filmmaker. He wants to make movies. For me, production is not a stressful job. I actually thrive and love what I do. So, the same thing applies with me and Binoy. Because Binoy is also a filmmaker. He is the same mindset as my father. I feel like it’s copy-paste. But, yes, having both of them in the room, sometimes, it’s like we’re at loggerheads. They both agree on the same thing and I don’t. And they both are on the same page, and it’s extremely frustrating on some days. (*laughs). It’s very heartwarming at the same time. So, it’s difficult, because they both are alike, with their thinking. And me, on the other hand, as a producer, only think money.


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Paltan was your last production venture. You are getting back to production after four years? Why the break?

So, actually, it has not been four years. We actually started Gudhchadi in 2019, with TSeries. We signed in 2019. And there are also these two other projects. One is, I was working on in 2019, that was actually army based, military-based. One is a film and one is a show. So, after Paltan, in 2018, I actually took a break for like two-three months. When we got back, I went fully into work. By the time we signed the project, Gudchadi was signed in December 2019. Then 2020, the lockdown and everything just came to a standstill. So, everything has been ready, just everything has not gone onto the floor.

Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon reunite for Gudhchadi after KGF: Chapter 2. How was the experience working with them?

I feel I have been on a family Holiday. For me, it has been insanely amazing. Because, for the first time Raveena met Binoy was at my wedding, last year. It was at the wedding. So, they bonded at the wedding when we hadn’t really cast Gudhchadi. So, it’s been amazing. Because, the first time I met Sanjay Dutt was the day that was brought home from the hospital, the day that I was born. He’s no less than a father figure. So, for me it was amazing to have both of them say yes to the film and love the script, and want to do it, which is great. And of course, on set, it’s been so much fun. It was amazing having them.


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Parth Samthaan makes his big Bollywood debut with the movie Gudhchadi. What was it that made you take the decision of bringing him on board?

So, I have never seen any of Parth’s work, before. I knew that he had done this show and he had done everything in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. But, I had not seen it because I do not watch the shows. Binoy had seen some of the part because his family watches. When his suggestion came in, from the casting team, when I met him and he met Binoy and me. I remember, after the meeting, when he left, I remember Binoy saying ‘This is Chirag.’ And I was like, then he (Binoy) said, ‘This is him’. I said, ‘Are you sure?’. He said, ‘Yeah, this is him. The way he has entered, he sat, the way he spoke, it is him’. It was as simple as that. And when we had the first day of the shoot, he (Parth Samthaan) has really taken me by surprise. I was really really proud of having him on this film. And I have said that to him. And, I really don’t know why people don’t take people from television, because they are really talented.

Khushalii Kumar is a part of the project. How do you feel about having her as a part of the film?

Khushalii was the first person in the film. She has been part of it since its journey started in 2019. And, working with Khushali has been great. It’s lovely to have such female energy on set like her and Raveena Tandon. Binoy found his Devika in her (Khushalii). And she fell right into character.

Any interesting projects you want to back now that you have ventured into production?

I’m currently working on two shows for digital. And one digital film and one other film is going to be theatrical.

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