EXCLUSIVE: Mismatched star Rohit Saraf reveals how a heartbreak in 2020 left him in a mess; watch video

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Rohit Saraf is one of the most promising stars in Bollywood. Rohit has impressed everyone with his amazing performances in films like The Sky Is Pink, Ludo and the recent Netflix series Mismatched. He has become the nation’s heartthrob and has set several hearts to flutter with his dashing looks. But, while Rohit has women falling for him, he has been nursing a broken heart for the past year. The actor revealed that the heartbreak left him in a mess and he had to involve his family to get out of that phase.

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, we asked Rohit when was the last time that he was in love. The actor revealed that the last time he was in love was last year but it was during the promotion of Mismatched that he was nursing a broken heart.

Rohit said that he doesn’t think he is a very different person when he is in love as he doesn’t know how to do anything half-hearted. The Sky Is Pink star said, “If I’m in it, I’m fully in it like headfirst I dive into it.” Further, the Mismatched actor said he has struggled with drawing boundaries in his relationships but now he might consider creating some.“You can strategize all of this all that you want but when it actually happens I don’t think you can control it,” reasons the actor.

Rohit revealed that though the relationship was not that long, it still affected him because he was in it thinking that it will last forever. He has now come to terms with the fact that the relationship didn’t work out. The Ludo star revealed that the breakup left him in a mess. “Last year when it happened it wasn’t good at all and I was in a very bad shape. This was the first time I had to call my family and tell them that I am unable to deal with this so I need you all to be here for support and whatnot. They actually flew down during the pandemic and they were with me,” recalled the young actor.

Rohit took therapy to move on in life. He shared, “Therapy has been something that’s really helped and I used to be very apprehensive about and I used to take therapy like three years ago and then I discontinued because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to but then during last year when this thing happened and I realized okay perhaps it’s time that I need to give it another shot. Now I swear by it, I feel like it’s the anchor in my life that keeps me balanced and keeps me afloat.”

Check out our entire conversation with Rohit below:

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