Following Chennai floods, Rajnikanth calls off his birthday celebration

As we all know, superstar Rajnikanth is not less than a god for the people down south. People love him, follow him and worship him like crazy and when it comes to his birthday, it’s like a festival for all his fans. But unfortunately, this year the scenario is going to be different all thanks to the disastrous rains that has hit the state.

On December 12, 2015, Thailava aka Rajnikanth will be turning 65 and this, of course, calls in for a celebration, but this year due to Chennai suffering from the after effects of floods, Rajnikanth has planned to not celebrate his birthday. According to the sources, Rajnikanth’s friends and family members had decided to bring in his birthday with a lavish party, but Rajnikanth asked everyone to cancel all his celebration plans and urged everyone to help the people hit by the floods. A source says,” We wanted this birthday of Rajniji to be very special, as we couldn’t celebrate properly last year due to his ill health. Big events were planned all across the state. Now, unfortunately, nature’s fury has poured water on all our plans.”

Reports suggest that Rajnikanth’s family members are now planning for a small get-together on his birthday.