Grandpa’s stories were the inspiration behind Ritika Bajaj Vijra’s ‘Ab Rab Havale’

Grandpa’s stories were the inspiration behind Ritika Bajaj Vijra’s ‘Ab Rab Havale’

Ab Rab Havale by Ritika Bajaj Vijra

Ab Rab Havale’, is a short film that takes explains the plight of partition in a truthful manner. Supported by a talented cast like Farida Jalal, Anoop Soni, and Shilpa Saklani, it describes the horrors of partition, and the loss suffered by both Hindus and Muslims, as seeds of hatred were sowed all across, all helmed to perfection by the director Ritika Bajaj Vijra. But you know from where the inspiration for the same came from? Read on to know.

Ritika said, “Growing up, My Grand Father always narrated the tragic stories of partition. I was very overwhelmed with those stories and I wanted the world to know that more than mass migration it was separation of hearts. From being a mere bedtime story to finally reaching to Cannes Short Film Corner, I somewhere feel that journey of this STORY is complete. Because, getting Selected here is the best platform to tell a story to the whole world. For any filmmaker Cannes is a like a mecca, without which the whole journey of filmmaking is incomplete. Today when my first short film has been selected as part of Cannes Short film corner, I feel that I have taken the first step towards my dream of being a filmmaker.”

Well, we all have grown up listening to stories from our grandparents, which have educated us in some or the other way. No wonder Ritika was affected by these stories and thought of telling it to the world, in her own talented manner. The movie will be soon shown in Cannes as a part of its short film corner.

Watch the gripping short film here:

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