Hrithik Roshan is indeed the most ‘Kaabil’ dad! Here’s why…

To his sons, Hrithik Roshan is a friend-philosopher-guide who continuously helps them to grow as liberal, nonjudgmental souls. His social media updates already tell you how spending time with Hrehaan ahd Hridhaan is his favourite. During a recent interview, Hrithik shared his mottos of parenting.

“They’re at the age when their model of the world is built for the rest of their life. We as grownups are so afraid of being judged, we live in the minds of other people. My lessons in life for Hrehaan and Hridhaan started early.

One boy came crying to me because a friend had called him ‘stupid’. I asked him, ‘What’s the truth? Are you stupid?’ He said, ‘No!’ I told him, ‘Then there’s no need for you to react at all!’ He realised I was right in a second,” the actor says.

True. After all, whether a child understands or not depends on whether you are able to make him understand or not!

Neither does Hrithik believe in making his sons believe in pointless, unjustified social norms.

“When I was growing up, society said a lot of things were taboo for children. I remember watching Superman with my father. He asked me to shut my eyes when Superman kisses Lois Lane! Being told kissing is bad, intimacy is a no-no, creates a negative emotion in growing kids. They become determined to see more of it or do it themselves secretly. This causes fear and anxiety in their relationships.

They believe they’re doing something bad or wrong when they’re with a girl. I tell my kids kissing is a most beautiful thing and they should not be hidden from it. There’s no need to protect them from visions of love. Yes, I would not allow them to see any depiction of love in a crude way. Or if it was vulgar and abusive. But Spiderman kissing his girlfriend upside down is beautiful, it’s meant to be enjoyed, not be restricted,” he smiles why we nod in agreement.

Daddies out there, did you get some serious goals just now?