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Hrithik Roshan thanks his ‘Super 30’ dialect coaches; says, “I’m humbled and grateful”

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Hrithik Roshan is basking in the glory of ‘Super 30’. The film is doing great business at the box-office. The film has become tax-free in the major states of India. Hrithik Roshan has been receiving immense appreciation for his commendable performance as teacher Anand Kumar.

Ganesh Kumar, who has trained Hrithik Roshan to ace the Bihari accent, admits that Hrithik Roshan is a great learner. Talking about the same, he adds, “Hrithik is a superstar, celebrity and more than that he is a good human being and he has such a great grasping power. He completely surrenders himself and because of that, sometimes I felt that I am teaching a kid. It was a student-teacher relationship and this is a 15-16 month relationship. Whenever he used to introduce me, he used to say that he is my guru and that whatever I have learnt is only because of him. If he wasn’t a good teacher, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to learn. Hrithik is extremely hardworking and he works with a lot of dedication.

Hrithik Roshan also thanked his accent and dialect teacher. He took to his social media and expressed gratitude towards both his teachers who taught him the Bihari dialect as well as the body language. He wrote, “Humble gratitude for good teachers in my life. Dear Ganesh , you are an incredibly talented actor , Thank You for the endless hours that you dedicated to teaching me the Bihari accent. And Vinod, you made me explore areas of my mind which I probably would never have discovered and experienced. Also with you I discovered that building a character can be a fun collaborative experience. Wish all actors were willing to explore. Looking forward to even more fun breaking the rules of the game my friend 🙂 #studentforlife #studentoflife


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The movie was released on 12 July and is still running successfully.

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