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Kanika Kapoor issues clarification on controversy over her travel history; says, “Negativity thrown at a person doesn’t change the reality”

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Kanika Kapoor faced a lot of flak for not practising self-quarantine upon her return from the UK. The singer later tested positive for Covid-19 and it was later revealed that she had come in touch with a lot of people at various parties which increased the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Some reports even suggested that Kanika deliberately hid her travel history and escaped screening for the virus at an airport.

Finally quashing all the rumours and controversies, Kanika has issued a clarification over the misunderstandings and wrong exchange of information. The singer also said that all this while she was silent not because she was wrong but because she wanted the truth to prevail.

Issuing a lengthy clarification, Kanika wrote, “I know there are several versions of stories out there about me. Some of these seem to be fuelled even more because I have chosen to be silent till now. I stayed quiet not because I am wrong but in fact being fully aware that there have been misunderstanding and wrong exchanges of information. I was giving time for the truth to prevail and for people to reach their own realisation. I thank my family, friends and supporters for allowing me the space to talk when am ready. I hope and pray that you all are safe and being careful during this time.

Sharing some facts to present her side of the story, Kanika further added, “Every person that I have come in contact with be it in UK, Mumbai or Lucknow has shown no symptoms of COVID-19, in fact, all those tested have been negative.”

Kanika Kapoor also shared a picture where she was seen and having a gala time with her family members after getting cured. Have a look:

She clarified that upon her return from the UK she was duly screened at the airport and since there was no advisory issued till then about social-distancing, she didn’t quarantine herself as there were no symptoms and she was perfectly alright. The singer admitted that she attended a few lunch and dinner parties as she was in absolute normal health.

“I was tested on the 19th March and on 20th March when informed that my test was positive, I chose to go to the hospital. I was discharged after 3 negative tests and have since been at home for 21 days,” she further added.

You can read her entire post here:

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Stay Home Stay Safe 🙏🏼

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She also shut down rumours which stated that she was missing from her Lucknow home.

The singer thanked the doctors and nurses who took care of her during a very emotionally testing time. “I hope that all can deal with this matter with honesty and sensitivity. Negativity thrown at a person does not change the reality,” she signed off.

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