‘Margarita With A Straw’ a commercial film: Director

Director Shonali Bose, who is busy promoting Kalki Koechlin-starrer “Margarita With A Straw”, says the film is a typical Bollywood commercial film.

In “Margarita With A Straw “, Kalki plays a girl with cerebral palsy, and it narrates her struggle with the normal activities in her life. The film has garnered a lot of appreciation in the international circuit for her portrayal in the film.

But the director says she has refrained from mentioning about the applause while marketing the film.

“I have told Viacom 18 (the producer of the film) very clearly that this is a commercial film, ‘why are you sending this film to the festivals’. Then however in festivals we won many awards but I said ‘Please don’t put all this in the poster’.

“I told them remove this we have gone to festivals or else people will feel its an art house film and boring. I want to say it’s a Bollywood film and also has five songs in it. I have made this film for Indian audience,” Bose told IANS.

Bose asserts that Kalki was the “first and only” choice for this film.

“Kalki was the first and only choice. Her smile is exactly like Laila (lead role) and she was also willing to work hard.

“When she did ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, we had to move on. We started auditioning for other actors, but something was missing in them and they could not give the commitment. Then I called up Kalki and said we will wait for you for three months,” she said.

While marketing seems to be an important aspect in filmmaking business, Bose says this kind of film needs more marketing.

“I always feel more marketing needs to be done because there is no star. We didn’t get money only half of the money was given to us because there was no star and there was less marketing. The film is releasing in 250 screens, but to grow people should know there is such a film coming up,” the 49-year-old said.

“I know word of mouth will be there but the opening will not be strong. My concern is next week ‘Avengers’ is coming, but the doubt is will the theaters keep the film it’s a very competitive terrible market,” she added.

Talking about the film, slated to hit screens on April 17, she said: “Laila is a normal teenager. You don’t pity her she is like a normal teenager. One important thing of the film is you will forget that she is in a wheel chair. I don’t want to show the problems of disability.”

Inputs by IANS