No Cricket with Pakistan, says Anupam Kher

Actor Anupam Kher feels India shouldn’t entertain cricketing ties with Pakistan until the situation in border is normal.

“According to me, till the time our people are being killed on the front, matches should not be held. If diplomacy says that we should give a chance to enemy or neighbours, sports has its own status, people have their own status and music has its own status, that diplomacy has to be sorted out by the government,”– he said.

BCCI is on talks with the Government on resuming cricket matches with Pakistan. India and Pakistan haven’t played test matches since 2007; however Pakistan had a short tour in India in the 2012-2013 series. Meanwhile, the  recent incident where Santosh Mahadik lost his life in a shoot out with militants in Kashmir has raised new questions.

“Some things are above other things. What I feel is we should show sensitivity and cricket matches can be postponed for the time being, till situation becomes normal. When people stop killing innocents… then we will think. There is no urgency to play”- Kher stated, in this context.

Will cricket melt the ice? Time will tell.