Pahlaj Nihalani defends turning presenter for ‘Julie 2’, says he is still sanskari

Ever since the news that former CBFC Chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani has turned the presenter for the erotic thriller ‘Julie 2’ broke out, everybody has been having a good laugh about it. The man who has censored and certified several movies with plenty of cuts for even the slightest of kissing scenes, is now himself presenting an erotic thriller. What an irony! So, as he got up and about to present the trailer of the movie, of course he was posed with several questions at the trailer launch about his sudden change of heart and loyalties.

And the most surprising part is that the man called ‘Julie 2’ a family film, a clean adult movie. Said Nihalani, “It is a very clean, adult movie. If I were there (as the chairperson) I would’ve given it no cuts at all. It doesn’t have obscenity or any cuss words. It’s a complete adult, family film. This is my business. This is an adult film and I am asking for an ‘A’ certificate only, not for ‘U’ or ‘U/A’… I am sanskari, it’s in our mitti, India is a place where nothing is bigger than sanskar. I was, am and will be this (sanskari).” What! Did we just read that he wouldn’t have given any cuts to the movie if he was still the CBFC Chairperson? (Also Read: Look who’s presenting ‘Julie 2’, it’s none other than Pahlaj Nihalani!)

Furthermore, when he was asked as to what really attracted him to the movie, he said, “If I tell you everything here, what will you see in the film? I know why you asked me this. But let me tell you there is no burkha here. The story of ‘Julie 2’ is very relatable. You will realise this once you watch it.” So, one thing’s for sure. The movie is gaining publicity more for the presence of Mr Nihalani than the adult content and may be that’s what he actually wants.