Did Pathan director Siddharth Anand get slapped by an assistant? Here’s the truth

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Since morning the news of Siddharth Anand slapping an assistant and getting slapped by the person on the sets of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Pathan is trending everywhere. As per a report in Bollywood Hungama, Siddharth got into a nasty fight with one of the assistants and shoot had to be stalled due to the ugly brawl. But the latest report completely denies anything like this and called it ‘baseless and true’.

ETimes quoted a trade source saying, “The report that director Siddharth Anand and an assistant director got into a fight is absolutely baseless and untrue. Sid and his team share a bond beyond years and they all look up to him as their big brother.”

Revealing further about the slapping incident on the sets of Pathan, the source said that a light-man was slightly injured while doing his job but it wasn’t serious. A junior artiste was recording a video of the incident with an ulterior motive to circulate it. Siddharth asked the person not to do so as it was highly insensitive. But he was doing the same again. It was then Siddharth sternly asked the person to hand over his mobile phone and exit the set.

“Sid was upset that someone can be so insensitive. The junior artiste, however, tried to become aggressive and the security immediately escorted him out of the sets. That’s the plain truth. Nobody got physical on the sets and there certainly was no slapping. It is utterly incorrect,” added the source.

Bollywood Hungama’s report stated that Siddharth literally slapped the person who in turn slapped him back.

Well, the latest report put to rest to all the earlier reports. Coming back to Pathan, the action flick also stars John Abraham.

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