‘Notebook’: Pranutan Bahl gets a love letter, but there’s a funny twist; Watch video to find out!

Image Source - YouTube

‘Notebook’s adorable new promo opens a new page quite literally. After Zaheer Iqbal gave a glimpse of his sweet moments with the kids of ‘Notebook’ and even got slapped by a little girl, the makers have unveiled a facade from Pranutan’s cute interaction with a kid. It’s too funny and the twist at the end will make you go ROFL.

In the video, you can see that a little kid is taking a dump when the water in the tap gets over. So he decides to wipe his ass with a piece of paper that he had with him. While it was a perfectly good option had the paper not had anything written on it. Unfortunately for Pranutan, it was the love letter that Zaheer Iqbal had sent over to her. How will she get Zaheer’s message now? Well, for that you will have to watch the movie. For now, have a look at the funny clip.

Nitin Kakkar’s ‘Notebook’ has dropped a short video capturing the funny moment of Pranutan’s Chase to attain a letter which is lost amidst a natural situation. Highlighting the significance of ‘Notebook’ in the film, the video showcases Pranutan’s eagerness to read a letter which the child has already used as a toilet paper due to the shortage of water and that is sure to make one laugh owing to the innocence and cuteness of the young artistes.

Not only this, the film has unveiled the much-awaited song voiced by Salman Khan, which highlights the love story of the lead pair Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan. The song also features Salman Khan all decked up in a black leather jacket teamed up with a t-shirt and denim.

‘Notebook’ has been shot in the exquisite valleys of Kashmir bringing the authentic love story of two lovers Firdaus and Kabir, along with a strong support cast with the child artistes, who play a vital role on the story.

Helmed by Nitin Kakkar, ‘Notebook’ is presented by Salman Khan Films and is releasing on March 29.

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