Priyanka Chopra at Reliance Digital;

The leading actress of Bollywood , Priyanka Chopra gave a statement recently that the City is not safe now.

When we asked her she replied “ I  started off as a “paying guest”, the popular starting off point for every new entrant into the city. Instantly, the city and the people made me feel at ease, giving me the freedom as a young girl, all of 17, to chase my dreams. There was nothing that I couldn’t do.


I was never so scared taking a taxi at 4 am or going out alone or even living alone. The city was that enveloping.Therefore, it was a shock when I read about the dastardly incident with Pallavi Purkayastha. It brought to light so suddenly something that I think we all felt but chose to ignore… women, especially young, independent women, are still so vulnerable in our society. Reading about her murder in detail left me shaken. It was pre-meditated… driven by lust… ending in the gruesome death of a young, independent, hard working girl, who had so much going for her.

We can’t allow this to happen. We have to, in whichever way we can, ensure that what happened with Pallavi does not happen again. Priyanka is Right !