Priyanka Jagga’s brother attacks Salman Khan, says she is more popular than Salman!

So, there’s more twist in the eventful ‘Bigg Boss‘ house. ‘Bigg Boss 10’ participant Priyanka Jagga, who has been a newsmaker since the first day, was thrown out by host Salman Khan. The probable reason is, she of late became a bit too argumentative which did not go down well with Salman. Also, there are no chances of her returning to the show again!

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However, the incident took a messier turn when Priyanka’s brother Sameer Jagga accused Salman of using his sister’s name for TRP’s sake.

“TRP ka Darama hai BIGG BOSS ka Abhi bhi priyanka ka naam use kar raha hai or End tak karaigai.Rahi baat Salman ki. Aaj 30 Saal Mai jitnai log salman ko jaantai ha. Sayad 3 months mai hahaha, ” he wrote on Facebook.

However, the post that clearly indicates that Priyanka is more popular than Salman, was deleted after sometime.

Ironically, just after Priyanka was thrown out of the game, Sameer took to Facebook to tell us that she had quit the game due to health reasons!

Too many things happening. However, one needs guts to slam Salman Khan! Let us wait and see how the actor reacts to this.

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