Rajesh Khanna with Sharmila Tegore in Aradhana

The Veteran Actress Sharmila Tagore, who worked with Rajesh Khanna in Blockbuster Aradhana says that Rajesha Khanna changed after Aradhana, he started coming late on the sets,But still, he would be there by noon and we could do some shots before lunch,” she said

The actress was cast opposite to the actor in the 1969 flick, which catapulted him into the world of adulation and limelight.


Nostalgic Tagore revealed that it had become impossible to walk from her makeup room to the sets of Aradhana. The whole area would be crammed with girls, who fell on him, literally. I’ve never seen anything like that ever again in my life. It was phenomenal,” she said.

The actress, who attended a screening of Aradhana in Mumbai claimed that the large screen experience of the movie made her realise that her chemistry with the star did wonders.

Not only Sharmila Ji but We all will Miss Kaka..