Why is Rajinikanth hesitant to work with Sonakshi Sinha?

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has been finalised to play the lead opposite Rajinikanth in K Ravikumar’s next film.  But there is a  hurdle their age difference .Will the audience accept the two as a pair. Therefore a new twist was added to make the teaming acceptable to the audience.


As per sources,  “Shatruji and Rajinikanthji are contemporaries. When the two of them worked together in K C Bokadia’s ‘Asli Naqli’, Sonakshi was running around on the sets in frocks! Now to be offered a role opposite him is a bit like cradle-snatching.”

Sources further added, “She wanted to work with Rajini Sir, who doesn’t? And Rajini Sir has worked with heroines who are almost as young as Sonakshi. Working with younger heroines is no big deal in the Mumbai film industry. . Sonakshi Sinha has worked with actors far older than her including Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan. Director K Ravikumar who has hit on the brainwave of casting Rajinikanth with Sonakshi, re-worked the script to justify the age difference.

Well lets see if the audience in the North will be able to accept it as much as the audience in the South.