‘Ram Leela’ was a tough film – Deepika Padukone

Actress Deepika Padukone is riding high on Box Office with two recent super duper hits at the box office. She is receiving compliments for looking so gorgeous in the trailer of ‘Ram Leela’ her fans are going crazy watching this gorgeous actress in her new avatar that she is in the film. Deepika who has worked for task master Sanjay Leela Bhansali said that ‘Ram Leela’ was a tough film.

As per sources, Deepu said that shooting for the movie was quite tough”It has not been easy, it has been really mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding film.” Speaking about the directer she said “The fact that he is a perfectionist, he doesn’t let go of anything. He looks at things a certain way and it has to be more or less that wayHe has a vision and everyone works towards that. So, it obviously has been a very tough journey, as exciting and challenging as it was, it has also been quite tough. So to see all of that come together, I did get a little emotional.”


Was this a complain from Deepika Regarding Sanjay Leela Bhansali or a compliment.