Randhir Kapoor on Ranbir Kapoor’s dementia comment: He is entitled to say what he wants

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After Ranbir Kapoor made a comment about Randhir Kapoor developing dementia symptoms, the latter has said that he doesn’t have the condition. Ranbir had said in a recent interview, “My uncle Randhir Kapoor, who is going through an early stage of dementia, and he came to me after the film, said, ‘Tell dad that he is amazing, and where is he, let’s call him’. Art crosses boundaries of medical conditions… And a good piece of storytelling really embodies that.”

In a recent interview, Randhir said that he doesn’t have dementia and that Ranbir is entitled to say whatever he wants. Randhir Kapoor told ETimes, “Aisa kuch nahi hua. Not at all. I am perfectly fine. I just had COVID sometime ago (in April 2021).

When asked about Ranbir’s comment then, “Ranbir ki marzi; he is entitled to say what he wants.” Futher talking about his comment, he said, “I never said that. I am alright. In fact, I have just returned from Goa with Rahul Rawail. We were there at the Goa festival.”


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Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor’s late father Rishi Kapoor‘s last movie Sharmaji Namkeen just released on Amazon Prime Video. Bollywood Bubble gave the movie 4 stars, an excerpt from the review read, “Rishi Kapoor’s ability to slip between the emotional and satirical aspect of the charcuterie seamlessly is a gift. It is almost heartbreaking to know that we won’t be seeing more of him onscreen but we can always go back to rewatching his previous performances, which are legendary itself. Juhi Chawla and Rishi Kapoor, who have worked previously in Bol Radha Bol among others, light up the screen with their comfortable camaraderie. There is an ease in their equation on screen which leaves you with mushy feeling.”

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