EXCLUSIVE: Raveena Tandon on balancing personal and professional lives: There were times when it was challenging

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Actress Raveena Tandon has always been someone who is honest and speaks her heart out. She is making her OTT debut with Aranyak where she plays the strong-headed investigating officer Kasturi Dogra. We recently had an exclusive chat with Raveena where she spoke about sexism, balancing being mother with work, being made to feel guilty about it. She also opened up on the time she felt a little insecure.

Raveena also spoke on what she wants the industry to change and make the workplace better for women to work. She also shared how she feels that the change in cinema and female driven movies started long before OTT.

On balancing work and family, Raveena said, “There were times when it was challenging for sure. But I think you need to learn how to space out your work. Again I would think that I can’t really generalise for everyone and say because there are people who are doing 9-5 job who will say, ‘How will we space out?’ which is true. But then you will have to figure out the timings, try and play around your timings and your children’s timings. I know you have to rush from here and there and then listen to taunts. But it was a bit easy for me because my family was backing me up. Also, my in-laws and husband supported. I thank them and myself for being so hardworking, sincere and honest. I feel if you are honest and sincere human being, that effort and hard work come out in your on-screen portrayals as well.”

You can watch the full interview of Raveena Tandon here.


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