Salman Khan nanny hunting for Arpita’s son Ahil

A wave of joy spread across the entire ‘Khan-daan’ when Salman Khan’s little sister Arpita Khan gave birth to a Baby boy. The ‘Dabangg Khan’ is over the moon and has gifted a high-end car to his nephew. He even posted a cute picture on social media.

Arpita, who has been discharged from Hinduja hospital, is currently resting at Salman’s family home i.e. Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai. Now, the family is on the lookout for a nanny to take care of baby Ahil. According to sources, Salman himself interviewed the probable candidates for the same. Finally, after going through 25 of them he has zeroed in one whom he found responsible enough.

Sources said, “Close to 25 women came in for the interview. The entire family was present including Salman. They wanted the best person to be the nanny for Ahil who is currently the apple of everyone’s eyes in the family. Interviews were conducted and Salman himself reviewed some applicants.”

Arpita is truly blessed to have a brother like Salman, and so is baby Ahil to have a Mamujaan like Salman. Don’t you agree?

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