Salman Khan admits to feeling scared while playing Rajveer in Antim, find out why

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Salman Khan returned to the screens with Antim: The Final Truth. The superstar has always been known for her macho portrayal of heroes or being Prem, there is no in between. This time, however, a slight shift in gear as Salman played Rajveer Singh, a cop who turned sutradhar and orchestrated the entire story whilst remaining on the back foot. When asked if he had any apprehensions about it, Salman Khan admits to feeling a little scared when they started off as he was not doing any action.

Salman Khan said, “This character was in my mind and Mahesh had the same thought, so I was okay but when I started playing it, I started to get scared because I was doing no action. But I kept the conviction and confidence that Aayush is playing the other character and if I also do the same thing, there will be no distinction. Rajveer is someone who showcases his power with smile. That is how I looked at my character. It was scary but good fun.” He also shared that Aayush Sharma worked really hard on the film and he is glad that the hard work is being appreciated.


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“He was very well prepared. All the anger he had of not getting enough work, he removed all of it in this with his work, which is the best way. He worked really hard. The intention was that Aayush should be appreciated,” Salman Khan added and revealed Aayush being nervous when he had scenes with Bhai himself.

“It was good fun. I would make fun of him sometimes. He was slightly nervous in scenes with me, face to face, but I told him to relax. Also because I was not doing a lot of action, he felt a little weird doing all the actions,” Salman added in jest.

Antim has finally released and has been picking up at the box office. The film has been directed by Mahesh Majrekar and also stars Mahima Makwana.

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