Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is very popular in overseas and here is the one more example of his popularity that he is invited to deliver a lecture in the US.

Source Revealed that “Representatives from Harvard University got in touch with Shah Rukh and asked him if he could spare some time from his busy schedule and deliver a lecture at their campus. However, SRK’s work calendar is choc-a-bloc. He is about to re-start the Chennai Express shoot. Though he delivered a pretty impressive speech at Yale University last year (where he even got the Dean to shake a leg for him), the March trip to Harvard is on a more serious note that needs better preparation.”


The details of this lecture are yet to be finalised. The date is expected to be announced soon, as well as the content of SRK’s presentation. “Since SRK is an economics graduate and has been in the business of making films and runs a successful VFX company as well, most likely he will speak to the students about the economics of filmmaking in the world’s largest movie-making industry,” added the source.

Well , No Wonder wherever the Shahrukh Khan – America Controversy Go , Shahrukh Khan is Still Popular in Usa.