Shahrukh Khan

A Kolkata-based differently-abled fan, 21-year-old Harshu (aka Boss) from Kolkata had his first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan. The young man is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan and his IPL team. Thanks to his up, close and personal moment, Boss even managed to get the chance to meet SRK’s entire team and even cheer for them. An intimate conversation between the young man and his idol followed and SRK apparently even invited Boss to the Eden Garden grounds to watch SRK’s team play.


As per information, Boss’ delighted mother Rajani Goenka says, “Initially we were not allowed inside the hotel where the team and Shah Rukh were staying. I was directed towards the star’s managers. They facilitated the meeting between my son and SRK . He was so kind and sweet to Boss. We never felt that we were meeting him for the first time.”

Shahrukh surely knows how to make his special fans dream true.