No Sign Of Improvement In Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh who is admitted to “Hinduja Surgical Health Care” in Khar,  with a severe case of Dengue is as issue of worry to his parents. It seems that he is not responding to the treatment even after 60 hours. The doctors have kept him in isolation and are thinking about shifting him to ICU.

According to sources, “Ranveer’s platelet count is not improving and he is experiencing excruciating pain in his bones and severe bouts of shivering. His parents are keeping vigil but they too are not allowed to meet him.”

Ranveer was shooting in the coal mines at Durgapur, West Bengal when he first had high fever but he ignored it and only took medical attention when his condition worsened and he was diagnosed with a severe case of Dengue.

His alleged girl friend Deepika Padukone is not seen besides him, “She is currently in Goa, busy shooting for Homi Adajania’s film. But we guess she keeps herself updated about his condition.”

Hope you get well soon Ranveer .