Sofia Hayat and Armaan Kohli were seen together in the seventh season of the reality show ,’Bigg Boss.’ The two never got along then and today, Sofia took to Instagram to share her thoughts on Armaan.

Armaan has been accused of assaulting his live-in partner, Neeru Randhawa. The two got into an argument and Armaan, who didn’t have control over his anger banged Neeru’s head against the floor. (Also Read: Neeru Randhawa makes shocking revelations about Armaan Kohli)

Sofia has now come in support of Neeru. She shared two videos demanding justice and also mentions how Armaan Kohli had misbehaved with her on ‘Bigg Boss’.


She is hoping the justice system will set an example with Armaan Kohli. She writes, “India justice is your chance to show that you are not messed up and allow yourself to be paid off by these people…set an example for once instead of letting film stars get away with abusing women. The whole world already thinks India is a country of rapists and is unsafe for women. What are you going to do about protecting the beautiful image of india and it’s sacred history..and protecting women by these men who drag this beautiful countries name in the mud. India has the heart of the the mother..Mata…rise and show you care!”

Watch the videos:

Please put Armaan Kohli in jail this time

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