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Sonam Kapoor blasts a foreign news outlet for making personal attacks on Priyanka

Image Source - Instagram

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas‘ marriage is now done and dusted. The couple’s love story has proven that love has no language and it can transcend all the boundaries. But, we are living in the times of bigotry, racism, fascism and some people find fault in everything and take pride in abusing other people.

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Now, as per reports, An international news outlet called The Cut published a story slamming Priyanka Chopra, her love story and wedding to Nick Jonas. The outlet deemed Priyanka to be a “global scam artist” who tricked American singer-songwriter into the commitment for a marriage, but according to the publication, Nick was only interested in a fling.

This didn’t go down well with many people and Sonam Kapoor wrote a scathing message on Twitter. Sonam is a staunch feminist and has always taken people on for their misogynistic and sexist comments.

Swara Bhaskar also vented her frustration regarding the article and wrote a message on Twitter.

As per Bollywood Life report, The said article was  titled “Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Love for Real?”, suggested that Priyanka was a gold digger. “Priyanka’s indulgences and what she views as necessities speak volumes to her personality and what she’ll do, or think she needs to do, for her career….”

“Priyanka and Nick are finding ways for their ‘love’ make them money – circumventing the methods used by the celebrities of yore, who stuck to selling their wedding or Baby photos to magazines,” the article added.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas certainly don’t deserve this. The personal abuse of anyone has no place in a civil discourse and it has to be avoided at all times.

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