Sonu Sood’s Audi Q7goes up in flames

Sonu Sood has lost his high end car an Audi Q7,  to fire at Bandra on Sunday evening.  Sonu’s friend Ajay Dharma was driving the car when he noticed smoke arising from the bonnet. Dharma immediately stopped the car and got out minutes before the entire car was engulfed with flames.

According to sources,  Dharama a close friend of Sonu said, “I brought a 20-litre bottle of drinking water from a nearby shop and tried to douse the fire but that didn’t really help,” Sonu Sood who was following him in another car too came running and joined him later he called the fire brigade and things were brought under control.A towing car came after 45 minutes and took Sonu’s car away to the police station for the necessary formalities.

Sonu was in a shock for he could not believe that his Audi that he had bought a year back is totally burnt down.He said, “I just can’t believe what has happened. These are high-end cars. It’s so scary and I am very fortunate that Dharma was able to open the door at the right time. I am planning to meet officials from Audi to seek an explanation about the incident. From what I know such things are not seen happening in a high end vehicle.”