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Sujoy Ghosh thanks ‘Bidya Bagchi’ for saving his career!

He first ventured into direction with the 2003 musical drama ‘Jhankar Beats’. But, it took Sujoy Ghosh one ‘kahaani‘ to deliver his most efficient performance as a director.

Exactly five years ago from today, ‘Kahaani’, starring Vidya Balan alongside a brigade of talented actors, hit the theatres. Vidya’s stellar act is still engraved in our minds and the film will forever remain one of the best thrillers ever made in Hindi film industry.

However, it wasn’t a mere film. It as well rejuvenated Sujoh Ghosh’s career, who was knocked down with the back to back failures like ‘Home Delivery’ and ‘Aladin’. (Also Read: Is Sujoy Ghosh’s Twitter profile picture confirming ‘Kahaani 3’ with Vidya Balan?)

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This morning, we stumbled upon Ghosh’s tweet, wherein he wholeheartedly thanks certain Bidya Bagchi for saving his career. ‘Five years ago, today… a pregnant woman saved my ass and my career.. and for that i will be grateful for life to bidya bagchi,” he writes.

Later in December 2016, ‘Kahaani 2’ released. Although a decent success, it couldn’t beat the madness ‘Kahaani 2’ created.

We hear a ‘Kahaani 3’ is in the pipeline as well. Waiting already!

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