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Tanushree Dutta’s open letter on #MeToo movement will make you ponder over the times we live in

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Tanushree Dutta keeps bursting out from time to time on the #MeToo movement which she brought forth in India last year. Even though the movement was short lived, it did help in bringing about a change in the way the film industry works. Many celebs, during interviews, tell us that now people are more aware and people are more scared to do anything wrong. That is a great change. Now, in another open letter, the former beauty Queen burst out about the movement again. Here’s what she had to say in an open letter sent by her PR team:

So yeah, I tried to fuel social, mental and emotional change in India last year and bring awareness to ongoing oppression and tried to help myself and others. Many in the nation and even well meaning persons abroad thought I was being over-reactive right? Some saw the point, most (well, when a woman says anything) take it with a grain of salt especially when she is in shakti mode! Crazy, hysterical and hypersensitive are allegations usually thrown at someone for demonstrating inner strength to stand forcefully against bullying and oppression. Especially Indian/south Asian society which is increasingly becoming a brutish hellhole for the divine feminine age no bar, hatefulness abounds in many ways. Now even 3 year old’s and babies are not being spared! Do you see now how sick you have become? This society around you is a reflection of yourself so don’t be quick to raise a finger and excuse yourself. Hate, misogyny, perversion, all this is YOU but you didn’t see your shadow self so now it’s being manifested and showing you what YOU truly are. Not the good human beings you thought you were but a fallen, ignorant, condemned race on the verge of self detonation. You killed the divine feminine in you and adopted an entirely masculine, forceful and linear and logical approach to life and spirituality and the universe didn’t appreciate that. You marveled at the towering structures you created and the wealth and technology you brought about but hey, your soul got completely rotten while you looked away in self serving ignorance. You all are responsible for this because you didn’t nip evil in the bud as you were so disconnected that you never thought it will ever effect you personally. Now this hate and dark energy has become an epidemic and you fear that you fed a snake in your backyard that will come for your own children in the future. And it will, I promise you as it grows stronger, multiplies and needs to devour more to sustain itself. Take responsibility personally instead of just abhorring a crime in society publicly and moving on. Then when you actually get a chance to take a stand in your own life you don’t. It’s sad that this beautiful planet is infested with such a pathetic and dumb race of beings called humans that can’t see it’s own impending extinction by hateful implosion.

– Tanushree Dutta

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