Tanushree Dutta slams Rakhi Sawant for calling her ‘LESBIAN’

Image Source - Instagram/Interframe Media

A couple of days back, Rakhi Sawant called for a press conference. She claimed that 12 years back, Tanushree was her best friend and she forced her to take ‘drugs’ at a rave party. Rakhi even went on to say that Tanushree is a lesbian and even raped her several times. “We had enough of #MeToo, now I want #SheToo to begin. Tanushree has raped me several times. Section 377 is now revoked in India. Tanushree got her head shaved. She is not a woman, she is a man,” she said.

A month back, Tanushree Dutta opened an old closet by levelling sexual harassment charges against Nana Patekar for an incident that happened on the sets of ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’ (2008). Later, Tanushree was replaced by Rakhi Sawant. While everyone was backing Tanushree, Rakhi Sawant called for a press conference where she was demeaning Tanushree and the #MeToo movement by using lewd comments and abusive words.

This irked Tanushree and she responded by slapping a Rs 10 crore defamation suit on Rakhi which led to Rakhi threatening Tanushree of filing a Rs. 50 crore case as a countersuit.

Image Source - Instagram

Now responding to the recent press conference by Rakhi, Tanushree had issued a statement saying, “For those uninitiated in the art of guerrilla war tactics: Smear campaigns never run fair or square. So just to set the record straight: I’m not a drug addict, I don’t smoke or drink and I’m most definitely not a lesbian.”

Tanushree further said that she was “too much of a woman for this patriarchal and misogynistic cesspool to handle” and that’s the reason Rakhi was making “perverted character assassination attempts” to silence her.

She concluded saying, “It’s clearly not working. Let’s not make a jokery (sic) of such a serious movement that can potentially bring positive changes of mindset in our society.”

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