Sohail Khan

The Father of Khan Brothers Salman,Arbaaz and Sohail is very upset from media’s false report about the accident.
A 70-year-old pavement dweller, Chandan Bala, was crushed to death under Sohail’s SUV in Mumbai. His driver, Dhananjaya Pimpale was apparently driving the car.

Says Salim Khan, “It was an extremely unfortunate accident. It is not true that Sohail was in the car. He was at home. The driver, though scared, chose not to run away, he later surrendered himself at the police station. The woman who died, was destitute and lived in front of the church.


People would give her food or money. My wife Salma has even given her money many times. It was an accident and I don’t understand why the media is raising speculation. They need to be fair and objective in their jobs. Recently, three young boys aged between 17-20, died at Juhu beach, why isn’t the media focusing on them today? Unka koi zikr nahi hai…. Why are they highlighting this story so much? Just because it’s Sohail’s driver. Actually, the car belongs to Arbaaz; it’s registered in his name. But we aren’t hiding anything. In our house, we use each other’s cars and drivers.”

Khan adds, “It’s sad but I wonder why such accidents, where celebrities are involved, are given prominence each time? Everyone should be treated equally and you have to deal with every case according to the law. Your job as part of the media, is to report, not give opinions. I haven’t once commented on Salman’s case. I have full faith in the law.