The reason why Karisma Kapoor withdrew her mutual consent divorce

Karisma Kapoor and Sunjay Kapur’s divorces preceding have already faced major ups and downs. Rumours were abuzz that Karisma Kapoor was apparently wanting more money from her estranged husband, Sunjay Kapur, because of which the two of them had withdrawn their consent terms. This however is not true. .

According to sources, “Sunjay’s father, the late Dr Surinder Kapur, the only person who was dealing with Karisma and her lawyer had given her an assurance of a certain amount for the trust fund towards the welfare of Sunjay and Karisma’s two children. However, after he passed away, the family decided not to honour that commitment. They felt that it was not reasonable. That’s the reason, she withdrew divorce by mutual consent.”

We wonder what ugly turn the case would take now?

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