The DeepVeer wedding is one of the most happiest occasions of the Twitteratis. Here’s proof

Image Source - Instagram

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh finally tied the knot today according to Sindhi customs and rituals. The couple also shared their first wedding pic on social media. The picture was marvelous to say the least and it has generated quite a buzz on internet especially social media. The wedding happened in Italy’s Lake Como.

Just like the couple and their respective family and friends, fans acrosss the globe too were extremely happy of their union. And after a three days long wait, when the pictures finally arrived, Twitter could not contain it’s excitement.

Congratulations started pouring in soon after.

Here’s how fans reacted on Social media:

Twitter, as it seems, is quite impressed with the grand wedding. We wish this newlywed couple nothing but happiness and a prosperous future together.

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