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When Salman Khan was kicked out of a Director’s office

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is on the wish list of every actress, director and producer of Bollywood. The Khan has been ruling the Box Office since long now. He is the only actor who has given back to back hits within a short span of time.

But there was a time that the Khan was kicked out of a directors office. Yes! Unbelievable but true, this was confirmed by the actor who said during his struggling days he was so desperate to get work that he approached a B grade filmmaker, to get a role. But in return was kicked out of the office.

Salman Khan said, “So one person I remember was producer Anand Girdhar who used to make small budget B-grade movies and was making one called The Graduate. And so I went to meet him and I must have been 17 or 18. He was looking for someone to play a teacher and after he met me he thought I was too young. I insisted and said I could wear a fake moustache and look older.”

Salman Khan further added that, “the director in turn asked if I was going to leave his office or if he should ring the buzzer to have me escorted out. I met him years later and I didn’t recognize him, but he smiled and said, “I’m the same guy who kicked you out of my office.”

Salman Khan later hugged the same director and said thanks to him as he thinks these rejections made him what he is today.

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