Why film festivals forms an integral part of a film and a filmmaker's journey

In a country like India, knowingly or unknowingly, films form an integral part of everyone’s film. Cinema is not just an important part of our art culture, but in fact, it has a huge influence on society. And when we talk about film festivals, we can’t help but think of it as heaven for every cinephile out there. Film festivals are not just a great platform for budding talents, but they are equally significant for the established filmmakers as well.


Every year we host several film festivals which help our film industry unearth some raw talents. So in a way, we can say that the film festival is a blessing for both filmmakers and cinema lovers. Apart from giving a perfect platform to filmmakers and actors to showcase their talent, such film festivals also help the audience to get exposed to quality cinema, who otherwise, are only exposed to mainstream commercial films.

Such festivals help non-mainstream films find the right kind of exposure and distributors. Independent filmmakers get an opportunity to present their work and this forms a very essential part of theirs as well as the film’s journey. Due to global digitalization,  film festivals are now an exceptional way of crossing communication barriers and reaching out to new places.

Film festivals also form the best platform to discuss topics and issues concerning the film industry. These days, Bollywood is facing the storm caused by the #MeToo movement and everyone is glad that finally, we have this much-needed movement hitting the Indian shores. Recently, film festivals like MAMI made sure that topics like sexual harassment at the workplace and how to make the work environment better were discussed and a possible positive outcome was achieved.


This year, we also saw filmmaker Rima Das’ Assamese film ‘Village Rockstars, being selected as India’s official entry to 2019 Academy Awards (Oscars). Rima, single-handedly directed as well produced the film without any studio back up. Her film travelled more than 70 film festivals and after garnering praises at some of the major film festivals, her film bagged four National awards. If it not had been for film festivals, Rima would have faced even more hardship to find the right kind of exposure and audience for her film.


Film festivals also serve other significant purposes like the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences amongst like-minded people. Influencing media in the right away is also one of the several purposes these film festivals serve. Promoting tourism is yet another plus point of these festivals.


Two days back, the 49th edition of IFFI (International Film Festival of India) kickstarted and yet again, we will be witnessing some world-class cinema being screened as well as premiered there. Art’s is beyond the realms of boundaries and film festivals form the meeting point for cinephiles to exchange ideas and express themselves uninhibitedly.


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