When Salman Khan shared the story behind his iconic signature turquoise bracelet

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Several Bollywood celebrities have a special something that is extremely important to them or is close to their heart. They even make sure they do not step out of their homes without it. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is someone who is almost never clicked without his turquoise stone bracelet. During most of his public appearances, the Kick 2 actor is often spotted with his turquoise bracelet, right on his wrist. Did you know how Salman got the turquoise stone bracelet? Salman Khan had once opened up about his ‘Firoza’ bracelet.

In a throwback video shared on Instagram, Salman talks about his iconic signature bracelet. The actor revealed who gifted him the bracelet. While talking about the bracelet, Khan opened up about the working of the bracelet and how it has warded off evil on several occasions in his entire life. Hence, he has not stopped wearing it.

The video starts with a lady asking Khan what does his bracelet means to him at an international event. In his response, the Antim actor said, “My father (Salim Khan) has always worn this. And growing up, it used to look cool on his hand… how kids play with things, I used to play with his bracelet. And then when I started off like working, he got me the exact one.”

Take a look at Salman Khan wearing the bracelet below:


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Sharing some details about the turquoise stone in the bracelet, Salman continued, “This stone is called firoza. Apparently, there are only two living stones, that’s what they say. One is akik and one is firoza – this is the turquoise (firoza). What happens with this is that if there’s any negativity coming onto you, first, this takes it, it gets veins in them and then it cracks. This is my seventh stone.”

Check out the video below:


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Salman Khan’s bracelet became popular after his 2003 film Tere Naam. The actor’s signature bracelet came into the limelight after he was seen wearing the bracelet in the movie.

Meanwhile, Salman recently rang his birthday. Ahead of his birthday, the actor was bitten by a non-venomous snake. He was later admitted to the hospital for a few hours. After the incident, during a public appearance, the actor shared what his father, Salim Khan said to him. “When my dad came to know about this incident, he called to ask if the snake was fine and alive. So I told him, ‘Tiger and the snake both are alive’,” Khan shared.

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