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EXCLUSIVE: Alim Morani, “I wouldn’t encourage the remix of classic songs”

Alim Morani has become a hip-hop sensation now after his first release ‘Let Me Live’ released online. People from all quarters are raving him for his unconventional rap and the message he tried to convey through the song. A few lines from his song go like, “Learned to neglect, the bullshit, and earn my respect. Coz I paint a vivid picture, not a nursery sketch. I try to be my own entity, coz empathy is weakness. Now my haters show love and my enemies are speechless. So don’t try and wish me luck because I don’t think I’mma need it.” Aren’t these words meaningful? We wonder how this young lad has so much potential in penning down such heartfelt lyrics. You won’t believe that he has written the song in only four hours.

We have seen Bollywood recreating the cult songs in movies and not only in Bollywood, but even artists are remaking songs for their singles. In fact, nowadays, it has become a trend to remake the chartbusters of the bygone era. When we asked Alim about his view on the trend remaking the classic songs, he said, “I wouldn’t encourage it. Using samples people have been doing since music has started and it is a big part of creating music and it (sample) comes from old and new music. For me just remixing an old song with the same lyrics is not that original and it’s not something that I would do.”

Well, being in a generation where everyone can be seen remixing the old classic songs, Alim holds a different view on it. You can watch the full interview of him here.

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