EXCLUSIVE: Kapil Sharma is a man who is very passionate about his work, says Monica Gill

Actress Monica Gill who has done quite a few Punjabi films is all set for her debut in Bollywood opposite Kapil Sharma in the movie ‘Firangi’. Her presence in the trailer did get noticed and left everybody wondering as to what exactly is her character? How is her equation with Kapil Sharma like and many more such queries. So, we engaged in an exclusive conversation with the actress and spoke about her movie, Kapil Sharma, her dream role and much more. (Also Watch: ‘Firangi’ trailer: Kapil-starrer looks like a light-hearted film with an interesting backdrop)

As you are all set to make your Hindi debut with the movie ‘Firangi’, can you talk about your character in detail?
I cannot get into too much about the character because they actually wanted to keep it under wraps. But, I play a Rajkumari named Shyamli Devi. I can’t reveal much more about what I do, but the story starts with Manga falling in love with a girl named Sargi which is played by Ishita Dutta. And to impress her family, he tries to get a job and he ends up getting a job with a British officer. The story is of how the drama unfolds between Manga and his wife, him interacting with the royalty, working with the British, how I come in and add a bit of drama.

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So what kind of preparations did you do for your character?
She is obviously a Punjabi girl because she is the daughter of a Punjabi King. So, that portion of it I had but she goes abroad and studies and comes back. In between, America and England, it’s just the body language differences. And then learning Hindi was really boring, learning it without the accent. My Hindi has a huge Punjabi touch to it. Rajiev Dhingra who is the director had directed ‘Love Punjab’ in Punjab last year. And then ‘Love Punjab’ was one of the biggest successes last year. So obviously, any actor would want to work with a director who has given the biggest hit recently. So, I was very excited to work with Rajiev Dhingra and he has really put in a lot of effort. Talking of my co-actor Kapil, then he treated everyone with so much of warmth and we were all treated like family. Kapil is the same with everybody. He wears his stardom like a T-shirt and throughout the shoot, his family was always on sets, my mom dad came and visited a few times. Ishita’s mom came on sets, Rajiev Dhingra’s wife was on sets. So, it was a huge family environment.

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Any interesting behind-the-scenes incident from the sets of the movie that you would like to share?
I remember after the pack-up of a schedule, Saahu sir who handles the sound department just decided that he wanted to cook dinner for everyone. So, in the village that they had constructed, Saahu sir made dinner for everyone on set. And we all sat together and we ate. Those were the kind of moments we had.

How was your first meeting with Kapil Sharma like?
So, Ishita’s portion was shot, I think she started shooting before me. I came on maybe three weeks into it. I was introduced to Kapil by Rajiev Dhingra. Instantly, he was very warm and friendly. He just started narrating the story from his point of view and why Shyamli Devi’s character is so important to the script.

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Since, you have worked in Punjabi cinema and this is your first Hindi movie, any differences you noticed between both the film industries?
The scale is different, like costumes, the duration etc. Punjabi films are shot within a month, maximum. This movie (Firangi) went on for about 83-84 days. So, we shot for a longer period of time. This movie was shot with the creativity of it. It was beautiful.

Any dream role?
I’m a huge fan of Chitra Banerjee’s ‘Palace of Illusions’. So, I have always wanted to play Draupadi’s character. I just feel that she really represents the strength of an Indian woman.

Coming back to your ‘Firangi’ co-star Kapil Sharma, there were reports of him being unwell during Delhi promotions. What had exactly happened?
Okay, so I feel that Kapil has spoken a lot about his depression, not once, but multiple times. When you are under depression, certain things can trigger. Your body reacts in a certain way. You will feel anxiety and things like that. I don’t exactly know what happened but I do know that Kapil Sharma is a man who is very passionate about his work and he loves people. So, he would never ever cancel something unless there was a serious issue. And the fact that he couldn’t make it to the conference, means that something serious must have happened.

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Agreed. But the actor-comedian has been a part of various controversies. Your thoughts on it?
The Kapil Sharma that I know is a very genuine and nice person. I cannot see and picturise him doing any of the allegations made against him. He is truly a gem of a person.

So, do you feel that since he is a huge celebrity today, he got targeted?
I don’t exactly know the details of what had happened and I don’t really feel right commenting on it. But, the only thing that I want to say is that we shot for over 83-84 days. So, I have seen this person and he is a genuine person. That’s all I’m going to say.

Talking of your achievements, you have been a winner of various beauty pageants worldwide. Now, Manushi Chhillar has won the Miss World trophy after 17 long years. How do you feel about it?
I’m so proud of Manushi Chhillar and I think India as a whole should be proud of her. Because she has brought glory to our nation. And I wish her all the best. I hope that this experience and this journey is an amazing one for her and she grows a lot. This is a very proud moment for our country.

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Do you think beauty pageants pave the way for a debut in Bollywood?
I don’t think it is necessary to be a pageant title holder in order to make a debut in Bollywood. I think I had read that Manushi has a background in medicine. So, she is a well-rounded person. If she wants to get into cinema, she is a beautiful young lady and I would love to see her onscreen. If not, she can be in medicine. More power to her.

Finally, can you talk about your upcoming projects?
After ‘Firangi’, I have two Punjabi films up for release.