Mr. Rishi Kapoor, please calm down. So much arrogance is not justified!

Mr. Rishi Kapoor, please calm down. So much arrogance is not justified!

Rishi Kapoor

So, we at the media fraternity now have a new name, thanks to Rishi Kapoor. He has just discovered that the reporters and photographers who were trying to capture and talk to them during the Ganpati visarjan from RK Studios were basically ‘small-time journalists’ who ‘poked the damn camera’ on their face. Hmm… deep, very deep!

Here’s what happened. Yesterday, when we were wrapping the day’s work, a video reaches us. Brothers Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor, angry and violent, are seen slapping and pushing journalists in the video. Reason being, they were asking for photographs and bytes.

As soon as the video surfaced, journalists across all the platforms started expressing their displeasure over the incident, questioning the Kapoors’ actions. In response, Rishi Kapoor issued a statement, which was a few notches higher in arrogance.

“I feel it is very unfair, what the news channels have shared everywhere. First of all we have no PR. We never invite anybody. You yourself come to my Ganpati. However, we give ample time to the press to do all what you have to do, in front of the Ganpati murthy. We do this Ganpati not for publicity but have been doing it for the past 64 years. My grandfather started this tradition. There have always been thousands and thousands of people coming to see this Ganpati of RK. They came to see Ganpati, not us. Over 64 years they have been coming to see the immersion. When the Ganpati leaves RK studio, everybody is excited, ” the first part of his statement read.

An explanation could not get more lame. What exactly do you emphasise on, Mr. Kapoor? Yes we are aware that the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is an age-old custom and we are respectful about it. If we are to consider ourselves uninvited, maybe you should put up a ‘PRESS NOT ALLOWED’ board from the next time? But please excuse us the embarrassment! We are not up for you screaming how you did not invite us but were kind enough to allow our presence! Moreover, we would like to humbly remind you that the procession was taking place on the road, a public place. We did not gatecrash your house. Or, just turn us down politely. Yes, we are not as indecent as you think we are. We were there because we were doing our work. And yes, we were also there because we, the indecent creatures are the ones who would mediate between you and your fans, and show them the glorious Ganpati visarjan you were boasting about. Making sense, are we?

Here comes the next portion of Kapoor’s statement, and it is worse. “This evening there was heavy rainfall. There were so many people and so much media. We have not called them…. It is impossible when there is so much rain and public (to not lose your temper). When we are respecting God, these small time journalists poke the damn camera on your face. Because Ranbir was also there everybody got so excited. I don’t blame them, but they misbehaved with me. If I have indeed slapped them why don’t you show the clip of me slapping? I was behaving like the Mumbai police, trying to monitor the situation. They have misinterpreted it that I misbehaved with the media! You come because you know we are important and you are giving me bull** saying that I have hit you?”, he explodes.

Mr.Kapoor, you forgot that the ‘small-time’ journalists had been waiting all along amidst the ‘heavy rainfall and so many people’ as described by you, to capture your Ganpati visarjan. And you got the reason right. It is because you are important. But then, could we expect you to treat people with a bit more dignity? Would you please justify why would you ‘behave like Mumbai police’, when you are actually not? And because you demand a clip, we do have a clip which shows you indeed were not in your best mood. You say we misbehaved. Would you kindly show us the clip sir?

You know what’s worse, Mr. Kapoor? How you found us to be ‘small time’ journalists. For years and years, these small time journalists have been your way to the people. These small time journalists have made sure your work reached more and more people. These small time journalists have brought you publicity, popularity, limelight, fame. These small journalists, even today, remain your gateway to your fans and followers. Unlike you and people of your stature who enjoy stardom at its best, we don’t have the privilege to pick our dates of work, travel in luxurious vanity vans and make starry demands at work. Because, you are important. And so, we keep attending your functions even after you have made it a practice to slam the media. We keep throwing the spotlight on your dearest son even after he delivers back to back flops. Since it is time for another release; we’re quite sure he is going turn to these small time journalists with a smiling face.  Kindly bother to recheck your terms before you randomly pick them and throw at people!

Politeness does not cost one. But at the same time, one does not learn to be polite as quick as one learns to enjoy importance.

Wrote too much, did I? Oops, a small time journalist apologises!

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