yami gautam

There is no denying that Yami Gautam is one of the finest talents to come out of India, and with every year that goes by, the actress continues to remain as consistent and as promising as before. Ever from the start of her career, the actress has proved that she has an innate sense of choosing scripts that not just put her on screen, but explore her talent as well. 2022 proved to be a gamechanger for her with two impeccable performances and now she is looking forward to carry that momentum forward this year too.

Yami Gautam gave a successful 2022 with A Thursday and Dasvi

In 2022, Yami Gautam proved her prowess as one of India’s best performers with films like A Thursday and Dasvi. These films showed her in polar opposite roles from each other, but both winning her praise and accolades. There was no questioning her versatility as an actress, considering that Yami is in it to win it, choosing projects that offer audiences quality, backed by a strong performance. While one saw her as a rape victim, out there trying to get justice, the other showed her as a righteous cop in a light-hearted comedy.

Yami to come up with Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga and Lost in 2023

This year, Yami seems to continue her dream run with Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga, a slick heist thriller and Lost, an emotional thriller that touches upon values of integrity and empathy. Both films are another fine examples of how she manages to balance the best of both worlds, with strong quality content and a solid performance, an arena which she seems to never disappoint in. Both these scripts yet again aim to show her prowess in her craft, and with A Thursday she has already proven how she can carry a film on her shoulders. With both these films, she is set to carry her success momentum forward and at the same time give something new to her audiences.

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