Ankita Lokhande is one of the most popular actresses on Indian television with a humongous fan following. The beauty who won hearts in Pavitra Rishta marked her Bollywood debut in Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble host Nayandeep Rakshit she opened up on not getting many offers post her debut, as she had no Godfather nor she belonged to any camp.

Ankita Lokhande on Manikarnika

On being asked about post-Manikarnika did she get any good projects in Bollywood? The actress replied, “Very frankly I want to tell you after Manikarnika I never got any scripts in my hand. The reason was that I did not have any Godfather to push me to that level. I was talented I know that, but you know you should receive certain things to say no to. But I never received any such thing, it was never so I am receiving a number of scripts and I am reading it. The market outside is quite different, nobody is coming to you and giving you scripts. I can’t go to people and please them and ask I can’t do that.”

Speaking about no work post-Manikarnika, Ankita Lokhande added, “Today I feel that whatever is coming to me I want to do that wholeheartedly. That’s my thing because I cannot go to people and ask for work. Also, people don’t have time to give talent importance as there are some other things too. I am very talented I know that it’s better where I feel I will get work, where I will also receive respect. I don’t want to do small roles in any film. Or to stand beside some heroine I don’t want to do so. I want to do my film, no matter if it is small, or if it is a television series that is mine, I don’t mind doing that as it is mine and my talent is appreciated there. So I will work, where I am valued. I know how to make my own value and maybe that is the reason I am standing on my own doing my own things. I do not want to work with any big production house, it’s ok I really don’t want to work. As everyone has their own camp and I want to make my own camp and will work in that.

Ankita Lokhande on turning producer

The Pavitra Rishta actress reveals her future plans, “I am playing a lead in my next film and I got this film The Last Coffee, it’s an independent cinema where people might not value it much as it is not a big production and known actors are not a part of this. The actors in this film are from different categories. as I wanted to do like this for independent cinema as maybe tomorrow I might turn to an independent producer. Would love to launch real talent in this lifetime. I will really want that the opportunities that I never received would love to give people those opportunities. Genuinely I want to give a big launch with a nice story and good actors. Today the industry needs some good and talented actors, who are currently not there. I want to make my own camp where I can genuinely give people a chance. A place where there will be no corruption things will be quite clear and only talent will be there. I feel I can do this and I will do it.

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ankita lokhande interview

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