Karishma Tanna, invasion of privacy

Invasion of privacy has been a matter of concern ever since Alia Bhatt slammed the media for clicking her private photos. Not just Alia, several Bollywood stars have already been vocal about the same and called out the media for the unnecessary scrutiny. Speaking on the same, actor Karishma Tanna shared her views, saying that they should give them privacy.

Karishma Tanna on the invasion of privacy:

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Karishma said, “Give them privacy. I just feel that if people are going through some emotional trauma or lows or when they need privacy, just give them. Don’t just go into their face and try to capture, (proving) we are number one and all. Don’t try to do that I know; I understand that you’re doing your job. But just give that little space and have some dignity, have some rules to it.

For the unversed, a photo of Alia Bhatt surfaced online where she was seen at her home. The Gangubai Kathiawadi actor slammed the portal for clicking the phone when she was in her private space. Similarly, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan also came under the radar and weren’t spared from this intrusion. Some time ago, the paparazzi literally followed them inside their building when they returned from a party.

Watch the full interview here:

Meanwhile, in the same interview, she also spoke about the pregnancy rumour. The Hush Hush actor revealed how the media wrote a report on her pregnancy when she was spotted rubbing her tummy after a dinner party. People were speculating that she was pregnant and Karishma was shocked. She said, “Woh khaake humlog karte hai na (touches her belly), I just did that. I just touched my belly, I rubbed it once. That’s it. So, this is the weirdest scoop.

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