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Shah Rukh Khan to Kareena Kapoor Khan – 6 Bollywood actors who don’t see their own films

Bollywood is one industry where a lot of money rides on the films that are made day in and day out. Some say that Bollywood is an organized chaos with everyone running from pillar to post to give shape to their products: the movies. Naturally, every stakeholder of a film views their final product as a quality test. However, there are some actors in Bollywood, who allegedly never watch their own films.

Today, we will take a look at all such actors who never watch their films.

1. Shah Rukh Khan : The Baadshah claims to have never watched his own movie except for few bits and pieces. Though he has a team to suggest changes to his movies if they want, this is what he says about his projects,”We have people within the team whose job it is to look at the film objectively and suggest changes, but for me, my film is like my Baby. If I think my daughter will be ‘X’ and she grows up to be ‘Y’, she’ll still be my daughter… she’ll always be beautiful to me. That’s the reason why I don’t watch my films… I never see a complete film of mine… I watch it in bits and parts.”

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan : In one of her interviews, the ‘Ki and Ka’ actress said that she never likes to watch herself on screen. She makes her sister Karisma and mother Babita to watch her films and get their feedback.

3. Vidya Balan: For the ‘kahaani‘ actress, acting to her is as comfortable as skin. However, the actress rarely sees herself on the edit screen while she gives a shot. She does watch the movie during screenings but she rarely sees the bigger picture, busy critically analyzing herself. Vidya says, “I don’t watch the monitor on set so I never know what I’m shooting. I don’t watch my films on the edit stage. I watch the final film. When I watch it the first time, I’m only watching myself. That I can’t help. If the director asks me, how I found a film, I say I don’t know.”

4. Boman Irani: Though there is hardly any need for Boman to watch himself because he is just perfect the way he is, he too is very critical about his acting on the screen and never watches his own performances.

5. Jimmy Shergill : Jimmy is seldom criticised for his roles. But according to him, he is his biggest critic and is not able to watch himself on the screen. If he does, he always ends up feeling he could have done it better. He says, “I have that issue… That’s the reason I don’t watch my films. No matter how big a film it might be, I don’t watch my films”.

6. Shahid Kapoor : In a very self-aware reflection on his career Shahid revealed that some of his films just don’t do it for him. He says, “There are some films of my own I won’t waste time watching as they don’t do it for me. Sometimes I watch a film and realize it wasn’t the kind of film I would I go the theatre for”.

So that was our story on Bollywood actors, who never watch their own films. We will be back with more stories.

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